The new Flush Sash Casement

In early 2020, we shall be releasing our new Fully Welded Flush Sash casement. Market research has shown that the flush sash appearance has gained more popularity and we are pleased to be able to add this option for our customers to our current product portfolio.  This again is an Aluplast product (German at its best) which provides consistency of stable products.

The flush sash will offer an authentic visual alternative to the standard casement. We will be supplying this product using the same hardware gearing centre hooks, espagnollette cam locks and shootbolts which in todays’ market is an upgraded locking mechanism than the standard espagnollette cam lock with shootbolts or an espagnollette cam lock only.  We will only offer a visually and impacted security to what we believe to be the best products for you to sell and added security features for peace of mind.