French Doors

from Formula One


French doors bring a classic continental feel to your home. The traditional two-door design is a practical and popular favourite in modern homes as well as in classic properties.

The benefits of installing French doors are clear: the fact that there is no central mullion means the doors open into a wide, unobstructed space, filling the room with air and light and offering an uninterrupted view.

FORMULA ONE range™ French doors combine a lightness of design – the modern PVC-U frame is kept to a minimum, maximising the amount of light passing through – with complete security.


It’s a common misconception that French doors are a vulnerable point in the home. Formula One PVC-U French doors are as strong and stable as our other door types, offering complete security without compromising on elegance and style.

As with all our products, there are plenty of options available when choosing French doors. The doors can be fitted so they open inwards or outwards, depending on the space available, and the list of options takes in the full range of colours and finishes. So your FORMULA ONE range™ French doors can match your home’s windows exactly, creating a unification of both design and style whilst adding real value to your lifestyle at home.