Great for you...
great for the environment.

Energy efficient rated A or B

The FORMULA ONE range™ has always been associated with high security and high quality, but as the world changes around us we are committed to adapting to it and contributing towards making it a better place for future generations. Our range of windows, doors and conservatories now not only combine the highest security and function with the style that suits your home, but also reduces the impact on the environment with Energy Rated Windows and the recycling of old frames to ensure that they do not go to landfill. With a FORMULA ONE Range™ installation, you can be sure that not only are you getting the very best quality but you will also be helping to reduce your impact on the environment, and save on your heating bills too! Who could ask for more?


We can achieve the very latest in energy efficient windows through clever use of glazing materials. From our standard ‘B’ rated window to Triple Glazed 36mm IGU’s we can cater for everyone’s taste and budget, and offer the latest in noise reduction technology as well to ensure your house stays as warm and as peaceful as possible.


Triple glazing is, as the name would suggest, 3 panes of glass formed into one single triple glazed unit.

Our range of products can accommodate a 36mm triple glazed unit which offers not only improved thermal efficiency but also enhanced acoustic performance.

By choosing triple glazing you can achieve a U-value of 0.8W/m2K with standard specification glass and other components. The slim attractive appearance of our windows is maintained with the addition of the triple glazed window units. Their improved acoustic performance makes triple glazing an ideal solution where road noise can be of a particular issue.

The same wide range of colours and decorative finishes are available whether your choose double or triple glazed windows for your home.


Our windows are designed to be as energy efficient as possible and can achieve Window Energy Ratings from Band A to Band C.

Our Triple Glazed range of products now takes us a step further and enables our FORMULA ONE range™ of products to achieve the demanding U values specified on new building projects where energy efficiency proves to be a key factor.


Since 2008 there has been a focus on environmentally beneficial windows. The FORMULA ONE range™ of products has helped lead the way by achieving an ‘A’ rated window, providing the highest levels of thermal efficiency available at that time.

Since then, we have strived to make our frames as energy efficient as possible and also assessed the impact that our waste has on the environment. Any UPVC frames removed from a property are collected and recycled ensuring that old windows do not just go into landfill.

We have also invested heavily into ensuring that we can achieve the demanding energy specification of new builds by offering different types of glazing materials to further reduce the ‘U’ value of our windows.

We have introduced a market leading Triple Glazing system into our range that can achieve U values as low as 0.8kwh/pm2 to meet new standards currently being introduced into Passivhaus specification.